Sting Ray Audio

We take a huge amount of pride in our Rig, supplied lovingly by Greg and Drew at CPAudio. Since the initial install on 2016 they’ve popped in on several occasions to tweak and stroke their prized stacks and make a few additions so now we hold a full PA with 8 channel mixer, mics and such like.

The ‘Stingray’ is a four way stack delivering audio from 34Hz to 20kHz via four drive elements in purpose built cabinets.

The foundation of the stack is a front loaded vented enclosure housing a single 18” driver with 4” voice coil which operates from 34Hz to 120Hz. Power handling is 600 watts r.m.s although transient peaks of up to 1500 watts can be comfortably managed.

Above this unit is a pair of interleaved trapezoidal cabinets each housing a 12” driver. This element handles low-mid energy in the 120-600hz range with a wide frontal dispersion characteristic. Power handling is 400 watts r.m.s per side.

Sitting atop the low-mid element on each side is a B&C Italian made co-axial hi-mid/high 8” + 1” driver in a reflex loaded birch ply cabinet mounted on a walnut baffle dating from 1949. This driver is normally deployed in full range enclosures, but here is relieved of low frequency reproduction which combined with copious amplifier headroom allows for great point-source clarity. Operating from 600Hz to 20kHz, this element delivers excellent imaging when presenting stereo material and excels in the critical bandwidth governing the intelligibility of vocals.

Power handling is 120 watts r.m.s.

The subwoofer/mid clusters are actively crossed over using BSS processing whilst the co-axial element is fed via a German made passive crossover.

Heres the lastest spec:  AV equipment list.

A audiophile’s delight with a punchy clubby underbelly!